Connect your X-Rite device to the loop

A system for every printer


EasyLoop + EasySet

IntelliLoop + IntelliSet

  • Compatible with X-Rite eXactScan
  • For sheetfed presses
  • Entry Level
  • Limited to 32"
  • Maximum 5 units
  • No presetting
  • Compatible with XRite EasyTrax
  • Compatible with XRite IntelliTrax
  • For sheetfed presses
  • Presetting with CIP3 or TIFF
  • Roll-Back
  • Maximum 6 units
  • Compatible with XRite IntelliTrax
  • Server system
  • Preset accuracy report
  • For web and sheetfed presses
  • Packaging feature
  • Individual color tolerance
  • Roll-Back
  • Presetting with CIP3 or TIFF
  • Maximum 20 units

Automate the ink key settings

Before you start your press, the CIP or TIFF files of your job from prepress will provide all the information that IntelliSet needs to automatically preset the ink keys, saving time and money. A press operator simply chooses the print job and paper type on the touch-screen monitor and IntelliSet does the rest. No more manual adjustments at the press console.

Key features of IntelliSet

Auto-Learning by Paper Type

System learns by keeping a preset-accuracy history file of each paper type.


Preview presets-bar graph of computed presets overlaid on plate image. In-sweeps shown numerically.

Auto-Key Compensation

Ink-key openings automatically compensate if sweeps are manually changed before presetting action is initiated.

Adapts to most any prepress job-naming convention

Job numbers displayed at the press match those shown on operators'

Put your press on cruise control

Once you start a job, your press operator scans the color bar of a press sheet to get spectral and density data and IntelliLoop does all the rest. Your press operator will not have to manually adjust ink keys. During the press run, periodic scans of the color bar feed color data into IntelliLoop. The software will let the press operator know if there are any auto-adjustements needed to keep color consistent. IntelliLoop gets you to color fast, every time.

Key features of IntelliLoop

Automatic after-scan read

Reads key-openings and sweep immediately following scans-assures effective key moves for fast attainment of color standards.


Key-opening and sweep settings can be rolled back to the settings that resulted from any previous scan.

Key opening bar-graph

Displays actual ink-key openings in percentages. Sweep settings are displayed numerically.

Preview key-moves

After a scan, the system displays what the new key openings will be before the operator selects "Yes" for key moves.

Key move aggressiveness

Dragging an on-screen slider changes the aggressiveness of key-moves in getting to color.
The Rutherford System Difference
Features/Capabilities Intelliset/IntelliLoop EasySet/EasyLoop ExactSet/ExactLoop
Separate system server computerYesNoNo
CIP files for all presses sent to a single hotfolder in the system server computer, typically located in prepress departmentYesNo—Prepress drops files into separate hotfolders, located at each pressNo—Prepress drops files into separate hotfolders, located at each press
Presetting system can use CIP3, JDF, or TIFF filesYesNoNo—CIP3 files only
Learning feature in presetting system keeps a separate history file for each paper type; maintains a unique presetting curve for every key on the pressYesYesYes
Preset accuracy reports viewed remotely with a web browserYesNoNo
Rollback feature—Can roll back to the ink-key openings associated with any previous scanYesNo—Only the key openings from the most recent scan are shownNo—Only the key openings from the most recent scan are shown
Density targets can be assigned to individual or groupings of keys on any color while a job is being run. Resets to defaults when new job is set upYesNo—Density target changes apply to all keys across the fountain selectedNo—Density target changes apply to all keys across the fountain selected
Density-range bar-graph screen—Shows range of densities across each fountain for each scan (Good for system performance review)YesNoNo
Jobs can be recalled to review system performanceYesNoNo
New: Optional RG-MultiView display on large format monitor. All system apps shown simultaneously and in real time.YesNoNo
New: Optional RG-Proof—for viewing HD proof at the system touchscreen for verification and content proofingYesNoNo
New: Optional RG-Dashboard—Displays real-time trending of Density, Delta-E, X-Bar, and Range charts for multiple presses simultaneously on remote large screen; wireless connectionYesNoNo
New: Optional RG-Light Stack—Colors light up to show various statuses: when it's time to scan and pass-fail threshold alertsYesNoNo
Reads all key openings and sweeps immediately after a scan—manual moves at press console do not affect system key-move accuracyAutomatic or manual commandAutomatic or manual commandManual command only
Display actual key openings and sweeps in percentagesYesYesYes
Operator can preview what the new key openings will be after a scan; can accept or reject such movesYesYesYes
Adjustable color correction strengths for makeready and production modes; selection is automaticYesYesNo
Preview Presets—Transparent bar graph overlaid on plate image. Sweep values are also shownYesYesYes